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Betty’s presentations are light-hearted and fun because she tackles a serious subject with humor and grace. She has spoken to audiences from a large variety of groups, clubs and new friends since May 2002.

In addition to telling stories from Dancing in my Nightgown, Betty has programs that include other themes. Rich Little Poor Girl is based on her memoir about being born during the Depression and growing up during World War II. Her parents were poor and just couldn’t stay married no matter how hard they tried. Her “slightly” dysfunctional family had a lot of love for each other and enough stimuli to rival any present-day sitcom.

You can buy a copy of her book to find out more about Dancing in My Nightgown programs.

Life with Denny features stories about life as a bride in a small college town in 1949. Denny was a problem solver even when there was no problem to solve. He was a soft- spoken, highly respected college professor who “loosened-up” only at parties.

My Gin and Tonic Period shares the hairy tales of entering public school teaching after earning a credential late in life. A brand new teacher and menopausal, Betty says, “I call that my gin and tonic period because other people’s teenagers drove me to drink.” But she adjusted and taught art for twelve years. Topics of your choice can be arranged as Betty sees stories In everything. To contact her for a speaking engagement please Email:





Betty is the one to the right with a striped dress.



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