Reviews of Dancing in My Nightgown

Dancing in my Nightgown is a truly enchanting, heartbreaking love story told with such honesty and humor that I ached for my beloved Steve Allen.
— Jayne Meadows
Widow of Steve Allen (TV star)




Bittersweet yet sweetly whimsical and always touchingly candid, her wonderful stories tackle potentially paralyzing emotional issues without becoming the least maudlin or self-indulgent.
— Amazon

Anyone who's lost a loved one will relate to the many wonderful moments in Betty Auchard's wise and funny book. These bittersweet reflections on widowhood will make you smile and make you cry. Best of all, Auchard helps us realize that we're never really alone in our grieving, and that it's okay to remember our loved ones' foibles as well as their shining qualities. These pages cheer the spirit and soothe the soul."
— Lolly Winston, author "Good Grief" and "Happiness Sold Separately."

This charming and entrancing series of stories in the everyday life of a recent widow could serve as a guide to a successful and fulfilling life after a long-term relationship for anyone, male or female . . . only the activities might be different.
— Mary Finn Maples, Ph.D.
Professor, Counseling & Educational Psychology,
University of Nevada, Reno

Having been widowed twice I could identify with much of Betty’s story. She has a zest for life and a marvelous sense of humor that comes across loud and clear!
— Yvonne Ameche Davis
Widow of Heisman trophy winners, Glen Davis and Alan Ameche

I read it twice and laughed all the way through it. What a crazy lady.
— Rosa H.

My favorite passage is "It's the act of putting my grief on the line that keeps Denny here a little longer." Quite moving; it's virtually seamless. It covers all that sad, sad stuff without ever getting maudlin. So well balanced. Truly wonderful reading. Heavy emotional content without going over the top in the least.
— Bob Ritchie, Writer, Sausalito, CA

I am feeling as if I had just re-tied the soft blue ribbon around a cherished treasure of letters and returned them to a loved purple box.
— Sara L.

I loved your book, and right in the middle of reading it, something changed in my head. I knew that I wanted to start flirting with women and dating and going out. Now that’s a great feeling.

Our widow experiences were so similar. Our husbands even shared the same name. After Reading Betty’s book, "Dancing in my Nightgown", I agree. We’re both “counting our lucky chickens,” which means that writing and speaking to women everywhere might be the gifts that our Denny’s left us.
— Marcia Wallace Actress ("Bob Newhart Show" and "The Simpsons") and Author, "Don’t Look Back: We’re Not Going That Way"

The narrative is wonderfully nuanced, stretching the emotional spectrum from horizon to horizon. Betty Auchard’s humanity shows brightly on each page.
— Walter M. Bortz, M.D.
Author, "Dare to Be 100"

". . . it's not only touching but also wise — and funny."
--- San Jose Mercury News

Betty Auchard clearly has a passion for story-telling. She is a gifted writer who evokes tears and humor from one moment to the next. Dancing in My Nightgown is a marvelous tale of a woman’s journey from loss to wholeness.
--- Linda E. Savage PhD Licensed Psychologist - Author, Reclaiming Goddess Sexuality: The Power of the Feminine Way.

I found Dancing in My Nightgown" brave and touching.
Rosemarie Stack, widow of Robert Stack (TV star of Unsolved Mysteries)

“I LOVE the book! It's sooooo entertaining! You are an inspiration, and I am so honored to have met someone as strong as you!”
--- James, 19-year-old College Freshman

"We think of audience with a book, but if a book is about being human and celebrating the human spirit, there will of course be no limits to its audience...."
--- Bruce McAllister, Writing Coach and Consultant

For those of us who have experienced an enormous loss, the stories in this book are palpable…providing comfort, compassion, hope, laughter at times, and peace of mind. This book is a must read.
--- Kay Allenbaugh - Author, Chocolate for a Woman’s Soul series


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