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Dancing in My Nightgown: The Rhythms of Widowhood

Married when she was barely 19, Betty Auchard went straight from her parents’ home to her husband’s bed. When she loses Denny to cancer after almost 49 years of marriage, widowhood forces Betty to find out what she can do on her own. She has a lot to learn, having never been single before. These short, upbeat, inspiring stories tell us how this spunky septuagenarian survives—she decides to dance instead of sitting on the sidelines... more

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"Driving Denny" in Chocolate for a Woman's Blessing,
"Confessions of an Addict" in Chocolate for a Woman's Dreams, "A Good Lesson" and "I Don't Know These People" in Chocolate for a Teen's Spirit, and "Family Circus" in Chocolate for a Teen's Dreams - Kay Allenbaugh editor, Simon & Schuster publisher.

All of Betty's Chocolate stories are available at Search for Kay Allenbaugh, the editor of Chocolate books.



Betty’s chapter titled “My Second Act” is for anyone who has lost a partner. It is included in the anthology, Wise Women Speak: Choosing stepping stones along the path, compiled by Fern Carness, MPH, RN, and Lisa Edwards, MBA, RD.

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"Driving Denny"

"Never Stop Moving"


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